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    Paperback  A Piece of My Heart

Kindle  A Piece of My Heart

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The Ragman 

It’s summer… A time for Lizzy Seabrook, a headstrong 13 year old to cavort with her girlfriends and catch a few ‘rays’. The last thing she expects when she takes her dog for a walk in the woods is to encounter Victor Trenton, a deranged recluse, hiding from the law. The Ragman is the story of a young girl’s attempts to survive ‘on the run’ with a murderous, psychotic man, and the strange alliance she forms with the mysterious psychic Celia Damson, in an effort to reunite her with her mother.

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A Glimpse of Heaven

Throughout his life, Garrett Stanfield had always considered himself a lucky man. He had the good fortune to be blessed with a loving wife and two beautiful children. But, when his son dies in a tragic accident, Garrett descends into a deep pit of despair, shunning the love of his wife and daughter. It is only after the birth of his first grandchild, that he begins to rise up into the light once again, and tries to repair the hurt he has inflicted on his loved ones. Just as he is about to fully regain their love and trust, he discovers that he is dying. As he hovers close to death, he is given a gift that is offered to very few, a glimpse of heaven. But, is he too late to regain the heart of his beloved? Will he be granted the time he needs before he makes that final journey?

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A Piece of My Heart

This collection of short stories and essays is a peek inside my heart and explores issues of faith, forgiveness, and the eternal nature of love.

Christmas Angels Don’t Always Have Wings delves into the question of forgiveness.

A Crown of Thorns explores issues of faith and our humanity.

Who is My Brother? asks the questions, “Do our actions and the choices we make in this life, follow us beyond our mortal existence?” And, “Is redemption offered to everyone?”

Essays from the Heart challenges the reader to explore their beliefs on a diverse group of spiritual subjects.


A Return to Eden

This was a gift to my father-in-law, Charles Sears.  It is a collection of his poems. His poetry is an unfettered glimpse into the condition of his heart and soul throughout his life. You can sense the pain of a childhood spent without a father and a cold distant mother. You can sense his rage at a world at war and man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man. But, you can also see his reverence for God and nature, as well as his boundless love for children, especially his own.  It also contains a short story called 'The Knife' that we co-wrote.

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The Knife ( a short story)

The Knife is a miraculous gift given to me, after my Father-in-law and best friend, long ago passed away. I always knew what a gifted poet ‘Pop’ was, but I never knew he had any interest in writing a short story. However, as I sifted through an old tattered box of his poetry, I found the outline for a short story set in the old west. The Knife, was not only an opportunity to co-write a story with him, but the gift of once again being able to share something we both loved to do.

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The Gift ( a short story)

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